General fee for services: $35.00 per hour

Computer Cleaning Service: $15.00 per computer*

We recommend cleaning your computer every 6 months if your computer is:

On a carpet

In a home with pets

In a common area of the house (i.e. A busy kitchen or living room, as dust tends to get kicked up by the movement and computers suck that dust right up)

Electronic recycling is done through

NextStep Recycling


Electronic Recycling Fee depends on Location. A general fee service is below:

If the pickup is in… *

  • Eugene – $20.00
  • Springfield – $25.00
  • Cottage Grove – $40.00
  • Junction City – $30.00

* Note that we do offer partial recycle run service.  If you only have a small amount of electronic recycle that needs to be removed, we can negotiate a lower price option, especially if we are already performing computer services for you.

Some services such as hardware upgrades will require additional costs for parts.

* – Our Computer Cleaning Service is an essential part of computer maintenance.  By keeping the internal components of your devices clean, your computer can continue to run as it was designed to.  We offer our,

“Cleaning Service Only” at $15.00 at your location, or if we are already doing work on your systems, we will perform this service as part of the job (*at your request*) using our “Data-Vac” (Link Below).



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