How It Works

Step 1: Contact us for a consultation. We are accessible by phone or e-mail.  Our phone number is 503-440-5057, and our e-mail is

Give us a run-down of the problem:

What happened when the problem occurred?

What is it doing now?

What should this system/network/device be doing for you?

We will give you our recommendations over the phone on how to proceed.  After we agree on a course of action Express PC Solutions is on the case!  We can begin ordering parts immediately if necessary to get you the fastest service possible.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment.  We will schedule a time that works best for you.  We can pick up the equipment and work on it at our shop or in your home/small business.  While onsite we will listen to your needs and requests as well as provide our insight and recommendations.

The diagnosis is always free!

Step 3: Follow-up if necessary.  If you have any questions feel free to call.  We can answer any questions that may arise with the use of your device or programs.

Phone: (503) 440-5057



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