Hello, my name is Hunter Solt and I would like to first of all say, “Welcome to the official website of Express PC Solutions!” Express PC Solutions began in October of 2013.  I am happily in school at Lane Community College and have just begun the Health Informatics two year technical program.  I began to look around at what good I could do with my computer skills for our community here in Eugene and recalled friends, colleagues and family members telling me of their computer repair experiences.  Expense seemed to almost always be the first thing they would mention; to which my immediate thought was:

“Expense Should never be what a customer first recalls from any service related experience”

Computers are an integrated part of the lives of many people.  They should have a repair price that reflects that fact. When your computer begins to run inefficiently or simply not the way you expect it to it can be frustrating.  Frustrating is not part of what a computer should be.  Computers are a tool that we use to get things done and should operate just as you would like them to. With the proper maintenance they can.

I graduated from the University of Oregon Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Family and Human Service.  I spent a few years working as a caregiver and program manager of several group foster care homes for people with developmental disabilities in the Eugene/Springfield area.  Shortly after leaving my previous management position I got married, began school and now, started Express PC Solutions. Through my time in the field of human services I have learned that above all else,

“To serve you must be willing to go all in; pushing aside any and all predispositions.  You must meet any individual where they are at in their life or experience and work with them as though you had nothing else in the world”

I look forward to serving you in any and all computer related needs with the best customer service, a fair price and a smile!


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