A great add-on to enhance your Google Chrome Experience

Hello everyone!

I wanted to first take the time to thank you for visiting the official home page for Express PC Solutions, a Eugene, Oregon based computer repair company that offers an in your home computer repair service and the best customer service around at a very affordable price.

Next, I wanted to direct attention to an awesome new Google Chrome Add-On that I stumbled upon recently called, “Lightning Newtab”. Link Below:


This add-on starts when you open a new tab and shows you all of your Google apps. You can customize this easily to offer fast links to your Gmail account, Google calendar, games, note taking apps… if it is an app, you can have a shortcut to it with “Lightning Newtab”.  This makes a faster than bookmarks shortcut for many basic/intermediate computer apps/programs; it doesn’t even change the appearance too much!

Now, the part that I really like; The add-ons you can add after adding Lightning Newtab.  One in particular I LOVE is the browser add ons which I will briefly outline below:

Google Calendar – Sounds kind of boring maybe?  Well this little browser add-on puts an icon in the top right of your Google Chrome browser that you can click and add an event to your Google Calendar right when you see something on a webpage or email that you need to hold on to for later. Of course you need to be logged into Google to utilize the feature. Check it out below:


Another great browser add-on is, Send From Gmail – Again, sounds kind of simple: That’s the beauty of it.  When you come across the perfect story or article you need to share, this adds a button in the top right corner and provided you are logged in, you can send that webpage to any email address just by clicking the icon, typing in the email address and pressing send! Check this one out below:


Finally, Head over to this link and check out this fried slice of gold:


These apps are noted as, “For Your Desktop”, which is extremely appropriate.  In Windows 7 it creates a button which is pinned to your taskbar and contains your apps that you download for offline, out of browser use (provided of course they aren’t online only applications!) This means games, to do lists, snazzy weather applications and more, faster than you your ten little fingers could ever hope to double click, type the one thing you are searching for and execute.

Don’t worry, your fingers won’t hate you, but your free time and efficiency might take you out to dinner – so be prepared for that.


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, but also take the time to thank yourself for reading this, because you just saved yourself time you (and I) would normally waste waiting by doing things the old way.


Hunter Solt

Express PC Solutions



About Hunter Solt

I am a young go-getter with a knack for fixing computers! My wife and I have lived all over Eugene during our time here. I graduated from the University of Oregon (GO DUCKS!) in 2010 with a degree in Family and Human Services. I began working in group foster homes for people with developmental disabilities less than two weeks after I graduated and quickly rose to manage a group home in late 2012. After managing that group home and meeting some wonderful people I decided it was time to try a new career. "Computers!", I thought, "how great would that be?" It wasn't long after I began working on computers of acquaintances and a recurring compliment began to repeat itself. "Hunter, you should do this for yourself!" So now I am! And I am grateful for the opportunity to optimize your computer experience in any way I can!
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